What is it?
Dermal fillers are an amazing way to instantly increase the size and enhance the shape of your lips

Reasons to get filler

You have naturally smaller lips, you have lost volume due to age, you would want bigger lips, to help reduce fine lines around the lips

Standard or Russian ?

Russian lip techniques create more height the the Cupid’s bow giving a lifted look to the top lip, and also a more flipped/ turned down bottom lip. Standard methods create equal volume throughout the entire lip.

Lip Filler

Standard methods from £120

Up to 1.1ml 

which one is right for me ?

During your consultation our aesthetics practitioner will discus your options and will help you decide 

Advanced Russian doll methods from £135

Up to 1.1ml for each additional box required to create this look + £50 so please be prepared. This treatment is charged for the finished look to be created and not the volume of product needed. Every one is different and to create the look will require different amounts for each client.