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The best healed results

Getting your permanent make up can be a life changing experience, finally giving your sparse brows a fluffy, fuller appearance and a more flattering shape can take years off your face and will leave you feeling more confident and youthful looking.

Before booking with your chosen technician you have searched through 100s of pictures looking at the technicians FRESH work, which all looks great you’re getting excited and preparing to book, but have you seen 100s of pictures of healed work too ? No?

STOP!! fresh pictures of new brows are great to look at but what you really should be looking for is HEALED work as, of course healed work is what is going to be on your face for the next few years.

Your chosen technician should be posting weekly, if not every day, pictures of healed work and you should be looking for close up pictures of perfect, healed, crisp, super fine hairstrokes that are rich in colour and no thicker than the clients natural eyebrow hair.

Boss Brows in Horwich, Bolton posts almost every day, pictures of her latest healed work show casing her skills and dedication to creating the best possible healed results for every client !

Not many technicians can say that they are just as happy to show 100s of their healed results as they are fresh work.