Dry tattooing for scars and stretchmarks


Improving Stretch Marks And Scars

looking to reduce the appearance and feel of stretch marks or scars ?  I offer a treatment called Dry Tattooing, also known as MCA Micro Needling, this treatment is known to greatly improve the look and texture of both scars and stretch marks.

  • No tattoo / camouflage pigment is used
  • Suitable for all skin colours
  • RégimA Scar Repair as aftercare
  • Effective numbing cream used
  • Honest advice given.  Initial consultation by phone/ WhatsApp for pictures

Achievable results:

  • Sunken scars/stretch marks will begin to fill and firm
  • Stretch marks with a blurred edge begin to blend into the surrounding skin
  • Stretch marks with a sharp edge are unlikely to blur
  • Loose wide stretch marks will begin to fill and firm, in effect firming the entire area
  • White shiny stretch marks will begin to normalise in colour
  • For those who tan, the stretch marks can also tan
  • Pink stretch marks begin to normalise in colour



  • No tattoo / camouflage pigment is used
  • Suitable for all skin colours
  • Effective numbing cream used
  • RégimA Scar Repair aftercare

Achievable results:

  • Relaxing tight restrictive scars
  • Softening hard scars
  • Normalise sensitive scar tissue
  • Naturally repigment white scars
  • Normalise red/pink scar tissue
  • Smooth and fill loose and thin tissue scars
  • Smooth and fill sunken acne scars
  • Soften and flatten raised hypertrophic and in-active keloid scars

How quickly you see the process of improvement will depend on how quickly your body naturally produces collagen in reaction to the treatment.  Results are boosted by committing to use the prescribed precare and aftercare.

I recommend a course of 3 sessions to get the best results. Treatments are spaced..

1st session... 6 weeks 2nd session... 3rd session 12 weeks .. I then recommend waiting at least 6 months before considering further treatment to allow for a full healing cycle as results can continue to improve for a further 12 months.

Treatment Prices

I use my hand size to calculate prices (my hand’s not small!), and using this simple method you can work out your own price

Area size of 1 hand – £200
Each extra hand size – £100

Plus essential aftercare from RégimA

  • Scar Repar Forte from £24.95 to £99.95 aftercare for all treatments.
  • Laser Gel from £22.95 to £64.95 pre care for skin types prone to hyperpigmentation.


Booking time: Each hand size area of stretch marks takes approximately 30 minutes to dry tattoo i.e an area of 3 hands takes about 1.5 hours plus numbing cream time and consultation ( 30 mins ) Multiple areas can be treated in one session

 A 10% discount is offered if prepaying for a course of 3 sessions or more.
Please contact me via WhatsApp to discuss your treatment area and to book for dry tattooing. 07480164545  I am the only technician at Boss brows so your photos sent via WhatsApp will remain confidential and only seen by myself.

For a free quote please contact us today.