What is MESO Gold?

Micro-needling system which uses personalised serums that can be infused into the skin dependent on clients individual needs via gold plated spiral groove micro-needles which are thinner than human hair.Easy, safe, effective and painless procedure improving the skin. Plumped, brighter skin, softened lines this treatment can even create reduced acne scarring or promote hair growth when used in scalp.

Ultimate glow meso facial – £100

Painless Micro Needle with Screw thread for Direct Delivery Stimulate skin cells to induce collagen production for optimal skin regeneration. Micro needles are thinner than a human hair so there is no Pain Vertical entry of needles avoids micro-snagging of skin as can happen with roller technique The Spiral Groove system allows the needles to deliver active ingredients more effectively with Hypoallergenic 24k gold plated microneedles