Treatments And Costs

Are you are still battling to find the perfect product that will perfectly groom your eyebrows ? Struggling to find the best eyeliner that won’t smudge ? Are you still searching for that lipstick that stays put 24/7 ?

Permanent make up is the answer !

If you have gaps in your brows, or very little or fine hair Microblading is perfect .If you want to recreate your eyebrows and still look natural . Powders and pencils and waxes no matter how hard we try will never look natural and we have to worry about them smudging throughout the day.

Having the correct shaped eyebrows can lift the whole eye area, creating a beautiful arch and lift without the need for surgery making you look younger.Some clients have a naturally good brow, but want more definition and Microblading creates this.

The Microblading nano hair stroke technique is also perfect for those who have alopecia or have undergone chemotherapy or have scarring, giving the most natural and beautiful looking brows without the need for un-natural looking powders and pencils.

Whether you have sparse hair or you are looking for more defined brows, during your free consultation our permanent make up specialist Tricia will advise the best option for you. We have a wide range of pigments, Microblades and techniques to suit your individual needs. If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation or treatment, please get in touch .

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